Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odors, naturally, using a simple houseplant!

Safe. Effective. Low Maintenance.

Uses Nature's own systems of digesting airborne compounds using beneficial soil bacteria and microbes. Purrfect Air Litter Box SystemTM by AgroSciTM. It's the only litter box system that:

  • Works with any covered litter box
  • Uses a simple house plant
  • Has easy setup instructions
  • Does not use harmful chemicals
  • Plugs into standard power outlets

Utilizes Phytoremediation - a widely accepted and proven scientific technology known as an ancient air pollution treatment - to eliminate - not mask odors!

Watch the video to see how Purrfect Air can remove the litter box odor and provide water and aeration to your house plant.

Have unwanted litter box odor? Buy now. Or contact us for more information on our pet products.